The Second Letter is Not Scarlet.

[Bumped only because it warrants mention that the second letter was released, and thankfully Bellanca didn't share the BHGP staff's collective burnout on the issue. We promise to get back to sports soon.--OPS]

If there is any truth at all to the events described in the second letter, and I don't know if there is, then, many, many people need to go far, far away from Iowa City.  Or else Iowa City is no longer the place in which I grew up, and is now just another suburb in the equivocating, amoral, materialistic hell that is Developed America.  

Is that so?  Is Iowa City now a place where adults with good government jobs discard youth at risk?  Because they have mortgages on oversized houses in Coralville?  Because they don't want to go back to coaching D-IA or D-III or high school kids?  Because ... why exactly?  There is a groupthink 'I was just following orders not to mention the informal judicial policy playbook' nightmare described in this letter. 

Go read Kinnick's Heisman acceptance speech and contrast that with the generally accepted and verified behavior of certain members of the football team and athletic department senior staff and ask yourself two questions:

a.  Are we living up to the value system Kinnick described, which we exploit commercially, not to mention psychically, in order to consider ourselves so, so superior to football-mill D-I schools?  Or, when did the scorned Ron Zook have a year like the last 12 months in Iowa City?

b.  Are you comfortable that if your daughter were that young woman, that you would be any happier than her mother is today?

The primary impression I come away with, aside from horror at the alleged bestial behavior by certain practicing and projecting alleged rapists, for months on end after the event, is of a university professional staff that will cite any technicality to avoid moral action or responsibility.  And a coaching community that knows that a job at Iowa is probably the top of the pyramid for each of them professionally, so a 'go-along, get-along' attitude appears to be assumed by all.  Certainly that explains the panic that exudes from Barta's whining illiterate plea for sympathy this week.  How, again, would Barta need sympathy in contrast to this picture of the young athlete who was left bleeding and alone, on a Sunday morning, in a university building?  And then left to fend for herself as she was taunted and ridiculed for ... what exactly?   Oh, right.  It appears she drank too much one night, like approximately 15,000 SUI students on your average Saturday.  

Mason has already proven herself a liar, unless she wishes to claim that the Register reporter misquoted her.  She has also lied to her board, perhaps unfairly impugned her GC (it depends which explanation you accept, because she's made incompatible explanations), and dumped this girl's mother into the voice mail hell of  her corporate attorney.  As a CEO she is a disgrace.  Everybody else just seems to be on the sidelines, wringing their hands, while an adolescent is taken apart by jackals.  

I'm a man, a parent, the father of a female college athlete.  Everything about this situation is seriously wrong.

I am so proud of the Press-Citizen this week, and that surprises me, because I prefer greatly the pre-Gannett Press-Citizen, when the publisher was an intellectual and a friend of Grant Wood, and the editor was a man who studied politics and diplomacy at Oberlin and Columbia, and Al Grady, and Mark Rohner and Jo Beers did what they did, pretty darn well.  But Morelli and Hermistad -- Jesus, they may actually clean up the university.  

Disclaimer: we all must remember that the second letter may have been coached by a plaintiff's bar attorney, and all or part may not be true.  Because this is going to be the largest punitive settlement negotiation in the history of the SUI.  

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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