That was an R&B song in the day.  

Anyway, the reasons why I think this Iowa team is special:

a.  We have a Prodigal Son at RB, and he knows it.  The guy must have been really fat, because he's still putting it together after week 7 -- yet, he's better than the #1 back in the country. Why did we let him drift away?  Why did we let him move furniture instead of down markers?  Don't know.  Now he's back, doing what only he can do.  So, given a Prodigal Son, we have the best narrative.  MSU has a little guy who would push Jewel.  BFD.  Ringer might be a third down back for a couple of years in the NFL.  Like I care.  Shonn might be Jamal Lewis.  I think, maybe, I'll take Jamal.

b.  Jake didn't quit.  cf. Bates.  Jake deserves a standing ovation the next time he trots onto the field, and shame on everyone if he doesn't get one.

c.  We are putting the hurt on tough teams.  They ran out of meat wagons at MSU, and that is not a cupcake franchise.  That is the state of Michigan.  Indiana?  They're lucky KOK thought it was a scrimmage and he had to "work on a few things."  The illogic of our offense prevented a 70-whatever whipping.  Fry (MIke Leach) does not stop at 45 on that day, folks.

d.  Mitch King and Matt Kroul.  Fuck me.  These guys are Iowa football and will always be.

e.  We have more than 3 DBs and they all want to be on the field.  And Sash looks like the next Iowa-NFL free safety.  He's stacked, and he wraps.  Just a prediction.

f.  We are playing walk-ons again, and we do well when we do (and they weigh a lot).   

g.  Most importantly.  Yes.  Most importantly, we own the LOS.  Either I am too old, or everyone is playing the Navy Triple-O, or suddenly, our guys are going to turn into 'finesse' linemen.  But last I checked: seven games, seven times we owned the LOS.  Perhaps I am blah-blah-blah, but you don't win in football unless you own the LOS.  The reason why the NFL is boring?  Nobody owns the LOS.  We do.  Who will contest us there?  Maybe Wisconsin (but unskilled elsewhere); certainly PSU (dangerous elsewhere).  Frankly, I'll be pleased to just beat the shit out of the rest of the guys we play, and I hope we do.  We are good at it and we should.  Please, please stop throwing over the top the next time we are cleat-stomping them nonstop behind Bulaga and Olsen.  We play Ohio/PA football, and for those who haven't, that means, you throw the ball *after* they have solved the run, not in anticipation that they will.  

Okay.  So.  Why this team is not special:

a.  If Directional U. needed an OC, our OC would not get an interview.  Think about it.  He wouldn't.  Soup?  He'd get an interview.  Soup is the only guy who gets an interview to be an assistant at WMU.  WTF?

b.  We cover slots on wheel routes with 250 lb. humans?  WTF?  No one has noticed yet?  Sure, it's incredible when Greenway and Edds succeed.  When they don't?  We lose the fucking game, because this is what everyone brings with the game on the line.  Make the 250 lb. human cover the 185 lb. dervish?  Come on.  

That's it.

Face it, win or lose (and we'll lose more, but not because of the athletes), this is a team to appreciate.  God I love football.  

Don't you?




Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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